Sennheiser MOMENTUM: Premium Sound On-the-Go

11:47 PM

What Hi-Fi's 2013 Best Portable Headphones 
(at £200-£300)
"Smooth, punchy, refined all-rounders – and great-looking too."

This is the Sennheiser Momentum, What Hi-Fi's 2013 Best portable headphones at £200-£300 price range. This is a closed full-size circumaural headphones designed to isolate against ambient noise. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the classification, circumaural sits around your ears and not on it, so it gives you a more solid output (especially on the bass side) compared to the on-ear version. 

I've been using this for a couple of months now listening mostly to electronic dance music, rock, rnb, pop and classical, in both lossless (FLAC format) and lossy (MP3 @ 320kbps) audio formats, I must say it doesn't disappoint me one bit. The sound is really smooth and balanced from top to bottom. It offers full-bodied bass, clear mid-range and sparkling treble.

With a price tag of PHP 19,300 here in the Philippines, this is a headphone for the on-the-go lovers of sound who are willing to pay for premium sound coming from a fine piece of equipment. Sennheiser really did a great job on the Momentums. Everything about it screams PREMIUM.

The ear pads are made from the finest soft supple leather and because of that it doesn't give me that wet and sweaty feeling around my ears when I use it for long hours. They're very soft and comfortable to wear.

It has a metal-constructed earcup slider for maximum durability and custom fit. The head cushion is soft and is also wrapped with real leather for that consistent premium Sennheiser feel.

It comes with 2 detachable cables. Embedded within the cable lies MOMENTUM’s sleek in-line control unit: providing complete control over your music and calls with a tilting plug. Crafted of fine metal to fit naturally within your fingertips. Specially designed to support Apple devices. 

What's really cool about the Momentum's carrying case is that little cable compartment right in the middle of the case for easy storage.

Over-all I'm pretty much satisfied with this pair of cans. A bit pricey, but with that premium balanced sound, punchy bass but not over done, very stylish, light-weight, plus that comfortable and luxurious feel of the materials used in this headphones, I'd say it's worth every penny.

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