Surfing Baler

10:32 PM

My friends and I planned to take this trip to Baler for one thing, SURFING. Most of us are beginners and some are first-timers. I started to learn how to surf 3 years ago at the Philippine Surfing Academy on a wave pool at Club Manila East.

We decided not to drive and just take the bus to and from Baler. We chose to ride the JoyBus, executive coach line of Genesis Transport Service, Inc. It's the most comfortable way to commute to Baler. The seats are huge and comfortable, it has a bus attendant, free snacks with bottled water, clean blanket, an on-board comfort room and has no stopovers which means you'll reach Baler faster than most provincial buses. You need to book in advance though, especially during peak season, if you wanna make sure you don't miss your trip to Baler. 

Our bus left the Cubao terminal at 1:30am and arrived at the Baler terminal at around 6 in the morning. 

Touchdown Baler!

From the bus terminal we took a 3-minute tricycle ride to Aliya Surf Camp.  

Aliya Surf Camp 

Some early morning shots upon arrival at Aliya Surf Camp 

As soon as we arrived at the resort (a gazillion pictures and selfies after, that is!) we quickly head off to the beach to grab a bite, we're starving!

Morning walk by the beach (Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora)

Breakfast at Hungry Surfer by Bay's Inn

We had a hefty buffet breakfast at the Hungry Surfer. The place is really nice, the food is good and affordable.

TIP: If you're really starving and if you don't wanna wait for literally an hour for your order to be served, go for the buffet.

Once we're loaded up, we didn't waste any time and head back to our hotel to get ready for our first Baler surfing sesh. 

Yeah, we're just so stoked!

Now, for some quick surfing lessons on the sand before the real thing...

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