Sector 9 Paradiso Longboard

11:13 PM

This is what I got myself for my birthday, my second customized longboard.

Sector 9 Paradiso (Red) Longboard

Sector 9 Paradiso 40.5" deck
Venom Super Carve bushings (81a)
Paris V2 trucks (50 degrees - 180mm) with shock pads
Sector 9 Skiddles longboard wheels (70mm - 78a multi color)
Bones Reds bearings

I've been drooling over this board for weeks at the Daddies Boardshop site (, read up all the reviews I could find all over the net about this board and then one day when I finally decided that this is the perfect board that I'd give myself for my upcoming birthday, they were already SOLD OUT!

I was shocked. I didn't think that it would be sold out that fast. I mean it has just been released a few months ago. 

This specific version, the best-selling red Paradiso, was the first one to be sold out at Daddies Boardshop then quickly followed by it's brother, the yellow Paradiso. So, I messaged Daddies Boardshop on Facebook and ask them when will they have new stocks of the Red Paradiso. They quickly replied and informed me that Sector 9 will only be reproducing yellow Paradiso's and that the red version has been discontinued. Which means that it will be a lot harder for me to find other shops that sell red Paradiso's because it is now a rare deck.

(I just don't get it why Sector 9 decided to discontinue their best-selling version of the board??)

Luckily, after days of searching, I found Boards on Nord ( shop that still has red Paradiso's in stock. Good thing all other specific parts that I need for my board are available too, and most importantly they ship overseas. So, I didn't waste any time, ordered and customized my board. And just in time for my birthday, it's already at my doorstep! 

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