Exception Music Festival 2013

1:55 AM

Exception Music Festival [EMF]

We're nearing the end of 2013, so my girlfriend and I thought if we're gonna party we better Party. Real. HARD!

Nothing else comes to mind but the Philippines Biggest Electronic Music Festival, thanks to BIGFISH International for this epic event... EXCEPTION MUSIC FESTIVAL held at The Circuit [Makati City], December 14, 2013. With an awesome lineup like this, I won't even think of missing it for the world! 

EMF 2013 map and schedule

EMF 2013 wrist band
We arrived at the gates at around 11pm, stood in line for a few minutes and got this neon/luminous wrist band together with 3 stubs each (2 drinks & 1 meal). 

WERWOLVZ with their "dolls" @ the EMF Radio stage
And here's my doll posing for the camera ;)

We had Bacardi Colas for our stubs but then we ditched our chance to claim our meal at the California Pizza Kitchen booth coz we just can't wait to join our friends near the main stage and rave the night away! 

The view right in the middle of the field, EMF main stage up front, bar on the right.
EMF main stage, DUBVISION's on.

DUBVISION @ the EMF main stage


My favorite DJ that night.
"Sweet Nothing" Remix by DJ ARTY


Yeah it rained. Hard. But the timing has never been so PERFECT! 

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